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Backyard Chicken Coops / Pets / Farm Animals for Residential Areas and Hobby Farmers / 

We market, sell and manage deliveries of handmade Amish Chicken Coops. They are for people who keep from about one to about ten chickens in their backyards. Our customers are interested in the fresh, wholesome eggs and the experience of keeping chickens. The chickens, typically primarily hens, are often treated as family pets.

Our customers are usually college-educated, often in professional careers like doctors, company presidents, and attorneys. They read the information on our website. And, they are beginners when it comes to keeping chickens. They worry about the safety of their chickens a lot and are concerned with the happiness and comfort of their chickens. We sell to males and females almost equally. Their age range is about 35 - 55. Our delivery area is in the contiguous United States. 

Value Chicken Coops

- easy to order

   - limited choices

   - less time to manufacture

   - less customer service time

- high-quality products

- 3-week delivery


12 Style Packages (includes colors, style options & materials)

   1. Basic: Electric Package, Wire Over Windows, Epoxy Floor

   2. Basic Solar: Light, Wire Over Windows, Epoxy Floor

8 Options Package Choices

Chicken Coop & Run Models

3 Quaker Combination Chicken Coops

3 A-Frame Combination Chicken Coops

3 Lean-To Combination Coops

Starter Coop

3 Quaker Coops

3 A-Frame Coops

3 Lean-To Coops

9 Tractor Coops

  • Limited product choices to three styles total
  • Limited product sizes - five sizes for each style
  • Limited color & materials choices - five for each style
  • Many standard options - all the most popular and best options are already included. customers choose electric or solar.
  • Options upgrades are limited but available individually or in one of three packages.
  • Delivery is free or discounted depending on delivery location and schedule chosen by customer for delivery.
  • Coops arrive fully-built and are put in place in your yard. 
  • Coops are handmade by Amish builders in Lancaster county, Pennsylvania.
  • High quality materials are use on our chicken coops.
  • Delivery takes 6 to 8 weeks.
  • All product information and options are available so that customers can order online.
  • Pricing is on our website (many competitors require a phone call)
  • Our coops are designed and used by the Amish who built them.

The perfect backyard chicken coops. The best of the best for chicken safety, comfort, and chicken keeper convenience. Add to that the styles we have chosen cannot be topped. There will not be a more attractive hen house in town! 

It is easy to get started with backyard chickens with one of our prefabricated, fully-built, delivered, and put in-place chicken coops in your backyard. Each coop includes everything the backyard chicken keeper needs. They are loaded with all the best and most popular options as standard features; such as wire over the windows, epoxy floors, and automatic chicken doors that can be controlled with your phone.

Sustainable Forest Industry Initiative

Wood sourced through programs certified under the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®.20-Year Transferable Limited Warranty: Backed by a long-term warranty so you can build with security and confidence.

******with 30 Year Manufactures Warranty

Siding & Roof

  • Quality Amish Craftsmanship and Materials
    • 50 yr Manufacturer’s Warranty on Siding
    • 30 yr Manufacturer’s Warranty on Roof Architectural Shingles


Our coops are made by hand with high-quality materials. Our LP Smart Panel siding resists insects and is highly durable in even the toughest conditions. It comes with a 50-year manufacturer's warranty. The roof on the Hen House Express 3x3 Lancaster Bungalow is architectural shingles with a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.