We want to improve an aspect of your life with the products and services that we bring to you. Our purpose as a company is more than monetary alone. As people, we want to do things of value that bring joy. We hope that both our products and your interactions with us bring you both value and happiness.

In order to delight our customers, first, we listen to your feedback and do our best to respond in helpful ways. That can mean anything from adding instructions for a product to our website to designing a new feature to make a chicken coop easier to clean. Second, we design and manufacture thoughtful, quality products. And third, to create a culture of kindness. Everyone on our team from customer service folks, to builders and drivers prioritizes our the value and happiness that we bring to you, our customer.

Our Team

Finding, educating, retaining and inspiring a team is a huge task and rewarding challenge. Our company was founded in part as a backlash to the idea in many companies that "everyone is replaceable".

The people who work every day to make a company able to deliver great products and great services deserve to be appreciated for their results and are not so easily replaceable. 

As a company, we prioritize listening to the people who labor on behalf of our customer. We act on suggestions that raise our bar for customer service, product design, workers, and operations efficiencies. A culture of personal investment, kindness and thoughtfulness is what we strive to maintain.

Builders & Drivers

If our customer service staff is the heart of our company, the Amish craftsmen builders and our delivery folks are the soul. They deserve a special shout out for the work they do.

Several of our delivery drivers grew up in the Amish community. Regardless of background, the people who make the products you love and the those who deliver them work hard to bring you the best. You will experience it first hand when you take delivery of your new chicken coop and you realize how incredible sturdy it is! Or, when you watch as the large structure is expertly maneuvered into place in your yard by one of our experienced delivery drivers.