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Adorable Dog Pictures

Adorable Dog Pictures

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Cute and Funny Pups are Always the Cure!

We hope you enjoy these super cute and funny dog pictures as much as we have. Our canine friends do not disappoint us with antics, looks, expressions and actions that make us laugh. Our pets bring us together as partners, families, friends and even community. We are one in our love of them and our belief that we are here to care for them as much as they are for us. The meaning of love, really.

Robert and I were at the dog park on Saturday, of course keeping our distance and not even petting even the cutest of pups (lest we spread a germ). The dogs reminded us in this trying time of what joy looks like. The sun was out, the air had only a slight chill and the dogs at the park were unleashed and having a ball. One would egg another on and then the chase was on. Another would grab a ball and run to the top of a hill and then upon putting the ball down realize that the hill didn't have any flat areas and watched her precious ball roll quickly down the hill where is was quickly scooped into the mouth of another energetic pup and off he went. Or the dog, there is always this dog, trying to fit two balls into a mouth only big enough for one. Why is that always funny?

So we encourage you to laugh a little. If working at home, maybe you can spare a few extra moments to look at funny dog pictures and have a chuckle. I love to use airplay on my Macbook to cast the images up to our TV in order to share the laugh with anyone willing to look - and who can't? It is amusing whether you intended to be distracted at that moment, or not.

Just about everything in Maryland is shut down as of today according to the Baltimore Sun that just posted about Hogans edict to close restaurants and almost everything non-essential in addition to schools. The world is a little sadder when people cannot gather. I will probably find plenty to do as my work and projects keep me busy. Also, I am very lucky to have the Promenade that runs along the water from Canton, MD to Harbor East. And guess what is on that promenade besides walkers and runners??? Dogs! So many dogs! From my office I can see a veritable dog parade daily! How fortunate am I? Loving it!

So I hope you enjoy all the photos. I loved putting them together.

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