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Quaker Chicken Coops

Quaker-style chicken coops are the iconic Amish coops that are most commonly thought of when the words “Amish” and “coop” are used together. The red and white hen house with the black or gray roof is extremely popular with backyard chicken coop customers.

The great news is that Quaker coops are just a functional as they are stylish. Our coops come with everything the first-time chicken keeper or the seasoned pro needs to get started with keeping hens at home. Fresh eggs for breakfast have never been easier.

If that all wasn’t enough, we have thought about all our customer’s biggest concerns, from chicken safety, chicken comfort, and ease of cleaning the coop.. You may be surprised to find the myriad of chicken coop options that we offer. Your coop can be your own unique creation. It will perfectly meet the needs of your backyard chicken-keeping experience.

Each customer brings their own needs to the chicken keeping. Some are older, some wiser, some have children, some have differing abilities. The reasons each family and customer’s different needs are vast. That is why a customized, handmade Amish coop is so wonderful. Not only do they include all the features you want, but they also are fully built (prefabricated), and delivered…and, put right in place in your backyard. Hopefully, we cover all your needs when it comes to purchasing an Amish-made chicken coop. If we missed something, please be sure to let us know. We are happy to help and happy to answer all of your questions.

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