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Dutch Traditional

Dutch Traditional

Dutch Chicken Coops

Enjoy having the look of your own miniature barn in your yard with our Dutch-style chicken coop, which features a hip roof. The hip roof on this chicken coop maximizes the amount of usable space that you have for your chickens. This allows you to keep more chickens in a limited amount of space, which is great for those living in an urban setting. A Dutch-style chicken coop is a perfect choice for those who are new to raising chickens and have a smaller yard.

The look of the Dutch-style chicken coop will look great on your property, especially in a country setting.

This style also features external access to the nesting boxes for easier egg collection. Our Dutch-style chicken coops will make the perfect home for your chickens. 

Customize one of our Dutch-style chicken coops with options that suit your specific needs or preferences. Give your chickens some room to roam about safe from predatory animals by adding one of our enclosed chicken runs. You also select the option to add insulation to the roof, so your chickens can stay warm even in sub-zero temperatures during the winter. Your chickens will feel cozy and protected in our rustic Dutch-style chicken coop. We offer our chicken coops in multiple sizes, so you can find one that works for you whether you only have a handful of chickens or a few dozen. Our Amish-built chicken coops arrive at your home fully assembled, so you can settle your chickens into their new home right away.


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