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Some customers are concerned after delivery when they notice small cracks in the board and batten siding. This is common and will happen, maybe even to your coop. Variations in air temperature and moisture causes changes in wood. No worries. It will not harm your chickens and it is likely that as the weather continues to change the wood will swell and the cracks will seemingly disappear. We use high-quality materials that will last a long time. Please rest assured that this is a natural and normal happening with board and batten siding.

At times due to the weight and size of the coops, and the process required to deliver fully built structures, some damage may occur to the 4x4 wood runners that contact the ground. The good news is that the runners are pressure-treated and that they will hold up just fine. Do we wish that this would never happen, yes? Our delivery drivers do their best but sometimes nicks, scuffs, and chips cannot be avoided on the runners.

If you see other issues with your coop, please let us know right away. Photographs are very helpful. We want to make it right if there is something wrong.   Please email or text us.