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Kid’s Toys

Kid’s Toys

Lancaster Toys

We sell Amish handmade products on what I call our boutique websites. Each website is specialized and focused on a specific market and product line. Our newest addition is Amish-made wood toys, games, and children's furniture. The products are wonderful and I have visited the shop where they are crafted and have seen the care that is taken with each product.

Kinetics / Marble Rollers

Note | 10-16-19 These have been added as categories to the website.

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kinetic toys 19,400

kinetic toys for kids 4,800

kinetics toys 2,900

marble rollers 3,400

roller marble 4,800

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No matter how young or how old, what interests are held or what sort of lifestyle one lives, there is always a little time in the day for a bit of play. The toys that are engaged with every day, especially those played with by children, deserve to be every bit as thoughtful in design and well made as entertainment devices for adults, and these Amish-made kinetics toys and roller marble toys are both of these things and more. 

The kinetic toys found here are made with physics in mind, turning them into something to marvel at as they are played with and serving to help educate children in a subtle way about what kinetics really are all about. Here, you will also find marble rollers made in intricate and mesmerizing designs that will capture the attention right away from the second the ball starts rolling. The toys are sure to delight children as they play and are even a nice addition to the desk of an adult who wants something to do with their hands at work.

These kinetic toys and marble rollers are all made from the highest quality solid wood and crafted with care to ensure they are not only one of a kind but also remarkably durable and of high quality. Their durability makes them an excellent choice for marble rollers and kinetic toys for kids, letting them play endlessly without easily damaging the toy. Shop our handmade Amish marble and kinetics toys today.


Children's Furniture & Playsets

Note | 10-16-19 These have been added as categories to the website.

Monthly Searches

childrens furniture 11,900

furniture for children 3,000

childrens playsets 3,400

children's playset 900

playset for children 1,400

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When given the right setting and environment in which to play, a child's imagination is capable of creating incredible worlds to play inside of. While a child's creativity can allow them to come up with these worlds and scenarios on their own, having children's playsets is a great way to stoke their imagination even more and let them work with their hands for a more engaging, imaginative experience. We offer you the chance to find the perfect playset for children that your child will love while also bringing you all of the best Amish made childrens furniture to make their bedrooms every bit as lively.

The furniture for children and the childrens playsets shown here are all fashioned by hand through traditional Amish woodworking methods that are sure to outlast years of play without taking on signs of wear and tear. The durable Amish made children's furniture is every bit as strong and resilient, ready to stay with your child as they grow older until they grow out of it completely.

Each piece in the collection of playsets and furniture has been crafted with remarkable attention to detail and care of quality which makes them entirely one of a kind and something that you won't find anywhere else. No matter how your child likes to play or how they prefer their room to look, you can find the best Amish children's furniture and playset for children right here on our site. Shop for your child's new favorite pieces today.

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