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So ... you would like to have light and maybe heat in your chicken coop and you want to know the best way to do it. We recommend our electric package for several reasons. The first is safety. Fires in chicken coops are devastating, of course. Our electric packages are professionally installed by an electrician. All wires are secured high in the coop out of the easy reach and interest of curious, pecking chickens. The Electric Package includes light and one outlet that you can plug two cords into. You can choose to have yours installed with a light switch or with a timer. To get electricity to the coop, you will need to run an extension cord out to your coop. Up under the eave at the back of your coop, near the people's entry door is a male plug end. (Directions) Pictures of everything described

{need a lot more info about these lights)
The solar package is available with a light switch or with a light and a timer. It comes with a solar panel that will not be installed at the time of delivery because of the chance of breakage during the transit of your coop. The Solar Light Package will only power light in your chicken coop. You will not be able to plug a heater into it. In fact, heaters take so much power that we do not have a solar-powered heating option for your chicken coop. Customers who want heat will need to have electricity in their coops.

Solar Light 

The solar light is available with a light switch and makes it so much less creepy to check on the safety of your chickens at night. The light comes with a solar panel that attaches to the roof of your chicken coop.

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