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- Screen Door for Main Entrance -to offer more ventilation on warm days but also keep chickens safe

- Wire Over Windows -to keep chickens safe anytime windows are opened

- Ventilation Lid -this is usually pretty secure as it is up high and includes our standard wire.

- Wire Under Coop -this is under the floor of the coop. Some customers have issues with rodents that bite through the floor of their chicken coop. This is not typical, however, in more wooded areas and for some other situations, customers have let us know that they have had issues and have requested this solution.

- Wire Under Run -If you are purchasing a combination chicken coop with a run, this is a common option. Please see the ground preparation page for more information on how you might create a happy run space for your
chickens all while keeping them super safe.

If you have chosen the wire under the run option for chicken run predator protection, we recommend using pond gravel on top of it and then adding a layer of course construction sand. This is a great option if you want to rake the chicken droppings off the sand. Sand can be changed out once a year. 

For the wire around the run predator deterrent option, just put the wire on the ground, (on top of grass if you have it), and be sure that it is attached securely to your chicken coop / run. Oddly enough, burrowing animals seem to think that they will never reach your coop when they have to start 18” - 24” out. Watch for small holes around the perimeter and fill them in with dirt.

Wire Under the Run

Keeping your chickens safe is a priority for backyard chicken keepers. We have been recommending and installing wire under the run to protect chickens for years and have had successful outcomes in keeping chickens safe. One method for covering the wire is the use of coarse construction sand. Since chickens do not urinate, their dropping can then be raked from the sand without much effort. Sand can be changed out annually.