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Never use a heat lamp. Wise words from the Amish owner of Lancaster Chicken Coops. We have heard the stories from friends and customers and for whatever reason, heat lamps burn chicken coops down sometimes. And it is tragic. We recommend space heaters for that reason. Specifically, space heaters that turn off when they tip over. And more specifically, ones that are placed on a shelf high up in the chicken coop out of the way of flying, pecking chickens. When you think about your chickens, whether it is about feeding or safety, it is sometimes helpful to think of them as toddlers with wings. Keep it, safe people. Keep them safe! On another note about heat and chickens. If you haven't talked to us yet, you may not have heard the Amish rule of thumb for chickens and heat. It goes like this; chickens do not like to be hot. Therefore, do not heat your chickens above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.


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