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Safe and secure chickens are a top concern of most backyard chicken keepers. Whether you view your chickens as pets or egg producers, you will want to keep predators away. It seems that everything eats chickens from foxes to hawks to raccoons and even rats and mice. In some areas, larger predators must be deterred as well. We offer several wire choices when you order your chicken coop from us.

The standard wire option is 1 in x 2 in vinyl coated galvanized, 14 gauge wire. There is no additional cost for this option and it is a tried and true solution that we are confident is sufficient for most situations.

1 x 2 wire keeps large daytime predators out of the run. It is always recommended that you trench around your run to keep the smaller predators out during the nighttime so unsuspecting chickens to not enter the run in the morning and find a nastly animal waiting to harm them animal that is ready to eat them waiting. It is also recommended. It is also recommended that the chicken door is closed by sundown and re-opened in the morning when it is light out.


Click here to learn about trenching and other ground preparation options (This should be a lovely graphic) Click here to learn about automatic chicken doors. (This should be a lovely graphic)

The next level of protection is the 1/211 x 1/211 vinyl coated galvanized 16 gauge wire. There is an up charge for this wire as it is significantly more costly for us to purchase.

If you have serious predictor issues, you may want to consider the Chicken
Defender galvanized welded wire screens that we offer. These screens are the most secure option we have to your chicken coop. This wire was first requested by a customer in California who needs to protect her chickens from bears! We offer 1"x2", 1/2"x1/2" and Chicken Defender wire for the following places on your chicken coop:

- Screen Door for Main Entrance -to offer more ventilation on warm days but also keep chickens safe - Wire Over Windows -to keep chickens safe anytime windows are opened - Ventilation Lid -this is usually pretty secure as it is up high and includes our standard wire. - Wire Under Coop -this is under the floor of the coop. Some customers have issues with rodents that bite through the floor of their chicken coop. This is not typical, however, in more wooded areas and for some other situations, customers have let us know that they have had issues and have requested this solution. - Wire Under Run -If you are purchasing a combination chicken coop with a run, this is a common option. Please see the ground preparation page for more information on how you might create a happy run space for your
chickens all while keeping them super safe.

Have questions or want suggestions for your specific situation? Send an email at


Chart of Prices by Model for Each Chicken Defender Option